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What is YES?

Student entrepreneurship has always been essential to our country's overall entrepreneurial success. In accordance with NEP, we recognise that entrepreneurial knowledge is a must among avid school students.

Young Entrepreneurs @Schools is an event providing school students with effective mentorship about the basics of entrepreneurship and helping them to implement these learnings through the help of innovative competitions practically.

Our Vision

We aim to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in young and creative school students. YES promotes entrepreneurship in India by stimulating the young minds of school students through effective mentorship and innovative competitions.
We wish to introduce all the school students to the entrepreneurial world so that they can understand and appreciate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

What does it include?

YES is a two-staged competition divided into mentorship and application phases. The mentorship phase consists of 2 well-structured modules which cover all the key aspects of basic entrepreneurship understanding and aim to work as a foundation for the student's entrepreneurial journeys. The application phase consists of competitions that aim to instil the learnt knowledge through fun tasks while competing with other participating schools.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Schools are required to send a delegation of 3-6 students to participate in the program. There will be both individual and group tasks for the students to complete. A school should have 1-2 representatives who should be the school's teachers.
  • After the registration deadline, a teacher’s orientation will be conducted to give a brief about the program and its functioning.


Entrepreneurs and Ventures

The Skillset search

Why participate?

Establishment and Mentorship

Establish an entrepreneurship ecosystem in your school through consistent mentorship and guidance from E-Cell IITM.

Knowledge Sharing

Brainstorming sessions revolving around entrepreneurship.


Certificates from E-Cell, IITM for participants on successful completion of the program.

Networking Opportunities

Become part of an extensive network of school students with similar interests across India

Merchandise & Prize Money

Get access to custom limited edition E-Cell merch for no extra charges

Visit to IITM Campus

The top performing delegations from the online round will be invited to the IITM campus for the offline round during E-Summit 2023.

Practical Application

Students will get a chance to practically implement all the learnings of the mentorship sessions and will compete with other students of different schools.

Letter of Recommendation

LOR from E-Cell IITM to the participants on exemplary performance throughout the program


  • Launch & Registration Start

    10th February, 2023
  • Registration Deadline

    10th March, 2023
  • Session 1

    6PM, 12th March, 2023
  • Session 2

    6PM, 14th March, 2023
  • Problem Statement Release

    7PM, 14th March, 2023
  • Problem Statement Submission

    21st March, 2023
  • Offline round at IITM Campus (For shortlisted teams)

    8th April, 2023


What is the procedure to enroll?

Go to this page and register yourself for YES by filling out the form.
We will be sending further details on the teacher's email IDs!
For more details and any queries contact:

How should I register?

All students should register for esummit and obtain their respective esummit IDs.
Once that is the done the leader should go to this link and do the event registration

Can an Individual student enroll?

No, students have to register through their schools only and a minimum of 3 participants from each school are required.

How to know which student will participate in which competition?

The delegation has the liberty to choose how many and what problem statement a student will participate in. A student can participate in multiple events too, to secure more points

Can a school have multiple delegations?

No, in case multiple delegations apply from one school, E-Cell, IIT Madras will select the participating delegation.

How do the participating schools compete?

For each competition won by students, a school will be allotted a certain number of points. The schools with the highest number of points will be the overall winners of the Online Round

Our Location

IIT Madras:
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
IIT P.O. Chennai 600 036
Tamil Nadu, INDIA


Manas Maheshwari : +91 97174 71488
Dhawal Shukla : +91 78983 07770

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