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The Campus Ambassador Program is launched with the aim of developing an entrepreneurship culture in various colleges across the country.

It is a Pan-India program for onboarding student ambassadors to not only publicize the events conducted by E-Cell IIT Madras but will also help them learn about entrepreneurship as a whole.


We aim to develop future leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset, well versed in various skills, including leadership, marketing, public speaking, business development, etc. With free seats in various events and lecture series given by various founders and CEOs, CAP aims at an all-around development as an individual.

What's in it for you?


Be a Leader and get opportunities to conduct events in your community

E-Summit goodies

Top 5 campus ambassadors will be given E-Summit goodies


CAs are from around the country, forming a diverse network

Guidance and Mentoring

Each CA is mentored personally by a team member from E-Cell IITM

E-Summit ’23 Passes

Best performing CAs will get E-Summit 2023 passes and will be invited to the IITM campus


Each ambassador would be getting certificates from E-Cell IIT Madras based on performance

Get Featured on our Socials'

Best performing CAs will get a chance to get featured on E-Cell IITM’s social media pages

Startup Walk

Best performing CAs will get an opportunity to attend the Startup Walk to IITM Research Park conducted during E-Summit by E-Cell IITM

Internship Opportunity

Top CA’s will get internship opportunity under E-CELL IITM to become to the CAP leaders for next year.

Learning Module

  • Entrepreneurship 101

  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile Building

  • Professional Mailing and Marketing

  • Stock Market/ Blockchain/ Crypto

  • World of Startups



Creating a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. where you will talk about the problem's solution, exchange expertise, and develop your entrepreneurial Mindset.


Spread the word about entrepreneurship and become the face of entrepreneurial activities in your campus


Act as the Point of Contact between the entrepreneurial network of both colleges.


Learning the basics of Digital Marketing and using it to the benefit of both parties.


Improve your communication and management skills by being a part of the largest student network in the nation


Take part in the activities and complete the Ambassador’s tasks to cultivate a problem-solving mentality.


Conduct events in your college related to entrepreneurship in collaboration with E-Cell IITM.


Interact with Alumni Entrepreneurs of your college, a local start-up, and startup Co-founders and invite them to conduct sessions and events on entrepreneurship.

Learning Partners

Last Year Records




  • Onboarding

    November, 2022
  • Learning Modules

    December, 2022
  • Tasks

    January and Feburary, 2023
  • CAP Conference

    March, 2023
  • E-Summit

    March, 2023


What is the time period of the programme ?

It will take place from December to March (4 months)

Will all the participants receive a certificate?

The number of certificates is not subject to any limitations. As long as ambassador completes the program and meets the requirements outlined in the credit system. We will select them based on their passion and interest in the programme.

Whah skills can be gained through this program?

We strongly believe on successful completion of your tenure, you would be well versed in communication & management skills, marketing skills, entrepreneurial skills and many more.

What is the selection procedure?

There will be an application shortlisting wherein you will be judged based on your interest and enthusiasm for the program.

What incentives will I get from the program?

Top-performing CAs can enjoy the benefits of the incentives which are mentioned on this page.

How many students can apply from a single college?

There is no restriction on the number of applications from each college, but we will be selecting only one person from each college.

How many CAs are you planning to onboard this year?

There is no restriction as such, but we are looking forward to a good number of about 140-170 CAs.

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IIT Madras:
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
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Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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Yash: (+91) 7300353030
Nikhil: (+91) 8297062790
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