E-Cell IIT Madras


Faculty Advisors

Our Faculty Advisors are the guiding lights for the team to work towards bettering our initiatives and activities year after year.

Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam

Prof. Thillai Rajan A

Students' Heads

There is no better time to empower startups than now given that the startup ecosystem growing impressively over the past months. Bearing in mind our vision of overall inclusivity, we hope to nurture all the startups in our network through our uniquely powered initiatives. Meet the leaders who work relentlessly behind the scenes to bring you the best experience.

Vaidehi Mishra

Shreyas Wani


Corporate Relations

Responsible for bringing in the sponsorship for all of E-Cell’s activities and building the brand value of E-Cell in the corporate world.

Devansh Sanghvi

Abhinav Nahata

Development and Association

The "DNA" of the E-Cell team takes care of the Quality Control, Process Optimization, and Overall Analytics of all E-Cell activities while procuring the ISO Certification for E-Summit.

Nishant Gudipaty

Anchuri Ruthvik

Editorial and Research

Curating original content relevant for the entrepreneurial community through podcasts, YouTube series, and flagship magazines while exploring the research portfolio of the industry.

Aryan S


Motivated towards providing the audience the initial flavour of entrepreneurship through various talks, competitions, and informal activities.


Bhagyesh Shisode

Events and Networking

Strives to make the journey of budding entrepreneurs smoother and improve the overall entrepreneurship culture through various events with the vision of nurturing ideas and bridging the gap between dreamers and doers.

Khushi Jaiswal

Gaurav Jhawar

Finance and Operations

Supports all the phases from the planning to the execution of the financial and logistical requirements of E-Cell and its events through sales modelling, optimized budgeting while exploring finance and entrepreneurship.

Santosh G

K N A Chaturvedi

Graphic Design and Media

Unleashing the creativity and building a strong brand image of E-Cell by designing unique posters, videos that represent us before our audiences.

Sujan Merla

Rohit Yadav

Marketing and Public Relations

The face of E-Cell taking care of digital marketing, online branding, PR deals, and the social campaign of E-Cell.

Kush Ganatra

Dinil C

Startup Services

Aimed at supporting startups inside and outside IIT Madras by providing them the necessary services like consultancy projects, investment opportunities, interns, informative workshops, etc.


Anshika Gulati

Student Relations & Outreach

Building entrepreneurship ecosystems all over E-Cell’s diverse network, through uniquely designed initiatives such as Entrepreneurship Development Drive.

Tapish Bagdi

Web & Mobile Operations

The inhouse website and app development team creating platforms for representing our initiatives, events & workshops, ensuring a great interface between participants and our team.

Abhijit Hota

Harshvardhan Pujari