The Innovation Compendium

The Vision

Startup Series' mission is a symphony with the greater objectives of nurturing a thriving environment that enables students to collect, foster, and propel the startup ecosystem within IIT Madras.

What is Startup Series?

The Startup Series constitutes a compact yet meticulously curated startup accelerator initiative strategically planned to cater to the students of IIT Madras. Its primary objective is to furnish support in cultivating their niche, idea-driven startups. This program serves as a catalyst, propelling the ambitions of aspiring insti-based entrepreneurs to ascend from ideation to substantial realisation. Introducing a structured framework, it integrates immersive interactive sessions, bespoke mentorship, impressive networking avenues, and grant provisions to facilitate this transformative journey.

Why Startup Series?

Team building opportunities

Avail an exclusive opportunity to assemble a compatible team via a customised and organised interview process.

Structured interactive sessions

Gather pivotal insights on product development and the trajectory of startup ventures from seasoned industry experts.

Personalised mentorship panel

Engage with domain-specific mentors to enhance your product development journey significantly.

Expert edge through industry veterans

Participate in meaningful conversations with many industry veterans within the Startup Series cohort

Accelerate your product

Incubators have extended invitations to exceptionally performing startups for incubation.


Promising monetary and non-monetary incentives await the top-performing startups within the cohort.

Networking opportunities

Forge connections with industry experts, IIT Madras alums, incubator partners, and peers throughout your product journey.

Peer-to-peer community learning

A dynamic and purpose-driven community fostering meaningful interactions among fellow entrepreneurs.

On-demand assistance

Guidance and support from dedicated mentors and the proficient organising team throughout your cohort journey.


Registrations are open

27th August 2023 - 3rd September 2023


  • From Vision to Victory: A Remarkable Entrepreneurship Journey Unveiled

    The best way to create your story is to critique someone else's first. Listen to the story of an experienced person to understand how things work in the real world.


  • Strategic Product Innovation: Navigating Design Thinking Realms

    Gain insights into designing a product before building one, according to special market need.


  • Consumer-Centric Market Research: Mapping Pathways to Profitability

    Market research includes essential skills, like knowing your market, analysing assumptions and predicting outcomes, which are crucial before launching your product.


  • Innovate to Dominate: Fueling Startup Excellence with Competitor Insights

    Having an idea of a competitor's inventory will tell you precisely what the people in the market use, and you can make change to your prouct accordingly.


  • Unlock Success with Strategic Go-To-Market Excellence

    Understand how to build a proper GTM strategy and lead your startup towards the business path.


  • From Concept to Connection: Navigating the Product-Market Fit Journey

    Ideate on the various ways your product will be fit for the market you researched upon.


  • From Consumer to Critic: A Reviewer’s Perspective

    Collect feedback from the most important people your startup is related to and challenge yourselves to build a specialised product for them.

Cohort Duration:

3rd September 2023 - 21st October 2023

Respective dates will be shared with the selected cohort of startups

Past Speakers

Sagar Daryani

Co-founder & CEO at Wow! Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Dheeraj Pandey

CEO at DevRev & Co-founder at Nutanix

Aditya Uttaravalli

Founder & CEO at Fleek

Pradeep Krishnakumar

Co-founder & COO at Zouk



Design Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for Startup Series?

The students of IIT Madras with a startup idea and a passion for building up from there. The startups of insti in their product development stage. The shortlisting will be done based on the quality of the submission.

Are there any prerequisites to this event?

No, Startup Series is an independent event, void of any other competition/event of insti as its prerequisites.

How many teams will be shortlisted for the cohort?

Shortlisting will be based on the quality of the submission.

What is the maximum number of team members in one team? Can I apply individually?

A team with 1-4 participants can apply. Individual participations are also accepted. An option for building your customised team is also there.

What mentorship structure will be provided throughout the cohort?

6 to 7 speaker sessions will be open to the cohort. Mentors will guide the startup based on the assistance required in their journey, which both parties will mutually decide during the cohort.

What are the non-monetary incentives?

Software credits and similar services that entrepreneurs require in the early building stage.

Are there any pre-defined tracks for personalised mentorship?

No pre-defined tracks exist in the Startup Series. The mentor will be allotted based on the industry/market your startup targets.

For queries, contact:

7206416111 (Hridyansh)
9600114265 (Divya)
8849843499 (Vedant)