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What is EDD?

Student entrepreneurship has always been essential to our country’s overall entrepreneurial development. We are aware that Universities in India vary greatly in terms of materials and structures that are required for entrepreneurship development.
Entrepreneurship Development Drive, E-Cell IIT Madras attempts to focus on filling this gap by guiding and supporting diverse teams of students and entrepreneurial bodies.

Our Vision

Our objective is to enhance entrepreneurial knowledge among young minds. We firmly believe that the nation's youth plays a pivotal role in driving economic development and fostering a thriving startup culture. To effect positive change from the grassroots level, we aim to establish business organizations in every college campus across the country.


E-Cells Established


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  • Registration process starts.

    8th August,2023
  • Registration deadline

    24th August, 2023
  • Interview Round (For shortlisted colleges)

    21st August, 2023 - 25th August, 2023
  • Announcement of selected colleges

    28th August, 2023
  • Introductory session

    September first week
  • EDD Phase 1

    September, 2023 - November, 2023
  • EDD Phase 2

    December, 2023 - February, 2024
  • EDD Conference

    March, 2024

Why participate?

Establishment and Mentorship

Establish an entrepreneurship ecosystem in your college through consistent mentorship.

Knowledge Sharing

Brainstorming sessions surrounding entrepreneurship.


Certificates for participating teams on successful completion of the drive.

Networking Opportunities

Become part of an extensive network of pan India colleges and get multiple opportunities to network with them.

Invitation to IITM

Opportunity to visit IITM campus for EDD Conference.

Community Access

Access to exclusive Discord community of E-Cell IITM.


Get free access to all the events of E-Summit, 2024.

Case Study

Opportunity to participate in a customized Case Study.

Practical Application

Opportunity to conduct an event in your college in collaboration with E-Cell IITM.

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation and LinkedIn endorsement to the team on exemplary performance.

Upskilling Sponsor

Million Lights

Knowledge Partner


What is the procedure to enroll?

Go to this page and register yourself for EDD.
Keep checking your mails. We will be sending an onboarding form !! Fill in the form and get registered for EDD.
For more details and any queries contact----- sr_ecell@smail.iitm.ac.in

Can an Individual enroll?

No, you need to be a student of a college which aims to establish/strengthen an entrepreneurial body. You are also required to have a team of minimum 5 and maximum 12 members to participate from your college.

Can I choose the track I want to apply for?

Yes, you can choose your own track, but based on your performance in both rounds, the final allotment of tracks will be done from our end.

Can a college have more than one participant team?

No, we strictly allow only one participating team from each college to participate in EDD.
The participant team head should coordinate with interested students from their college for EDD and represent themselves as a single team adhering to the team size.
In case multiple teams apply from the same college and one of them is selected for a further round based on application, members from rejected teams will be asked to join the selected team based on common consensus.

What is the duration of the entire event?

EDD is scheduled to begin in September, 2023 and will culminate with an EDD Conference, to be held in March 2024 (tentative).

How many members can participate from each team?

A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 members can participate from each team.

Is there any enrollment fee?

No, there is no enrollment fee.

What is the EDD Conference?

EDD Conference will be the final event of the drive which will celebrate our progress and achievements in strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem together. Conference will happen during E-Summit 2024 and a delegation from each college will be invited to IITM Campus.

Our Location

IIT Madras:
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
IIT P.O. Chennai 600 036
Tamil Nadu, INDIA


Dhyan G : +91 7019626195
Harshika Tayade : +91 8425098495
Neeraja Avuthu : +91 7661043837

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