An Idea Acceleration Program - A uniquely designed program that provides
absolute beginners the perspective and the ability to start thinking entrepreneurially

About the program

IdeaStorm is a month-long program that aims to develop Idea Generation, Validation, and Problem-Solving Mindset among the IITM community from scratch through online interactive sessions by various Entrepreneurs, Startup Professionals, Industry Experts, etc.

This program will definitely help you take a step from zero to one by analyzing various real-time problems, generating new ideas, and discovering the business potential of those ideas based on extensive research and frameworks to get onboarded on Nirmaan, the pre-incubation cell of IIT Madras.

About the personalities

We believe that each person has the innovation element inside them; it's just a matter of fact when to realize it and start looking for problems with a broader perspective; hence Innovators are the ones who have this urge to develop a problem identification mindset and generate new innovative ideas.

An implementor's mindset is an essential trait for any asp. entrepreneur/problem-solver, builders are the ones who have ideas to work upon and are sometimes stuck on the question of "What should I do after getting an idea?

Why Participate?

Walk out with a validated idea

a fancy svg

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Specially curated sessions by industry experts

Peer to peer validation of ideas and networking

Opportunity to get incubated under Nirmaan


Registration deadline - 22nd July


  • Developing a Problem Identification Mindset

    23rd July 2022

    The best ideas are those which start with the identification of problems. This session will edify you about ways to spot these dilemmas and initiate your brainstorming on these.

  • User Innovation and Idea Generation Frameworks

    24th July 2021

    One of the critical skills for an entrepreneur is they should know what their users need. In this session, learn how to develop this understanding.

  • Week 1 activities/ exercises/ assignments/ resources sharing

    25th July - 30th July 2022


  • How to pick the right idea & One Industry Oriented Session

    30th July 2022

    Getting ideas is not enough; you must choose the right one. Join the session to find out how to select your best-suited idea.

  • Primary/Secondary Market Research, Market Segmentation, Beachhead Market, Market Sizing

    31st July

    Understanding your market is essential in building a successful business. This session will help you understand how to analyze your customer needs and get ahead of the competition.

  • Week 2 activities/ exercises/ assignments/ resources sharing

    25th July - 30th July 2022


  • Knowing your user and building an end-user profile

    6th August 2022

    It is essential to identify common behavioral trends of your users to make decisions. In this session, you will learn to understand customer demographics, psychology, and more.

  • Team building

    8th August 2022

    A solid foundation in the form of a team is vital. This session will provide you with all the details about team building.

  • Week 3 activities/ exercises/ assignments/ resources sharing

    1st Aug - 6th Aug 2022


  • Storytelling by an entrepreneur

    13th August 2022

    Learning from a well-established personality’s experience helps a lot. Join to find out a surprise session with one of your favorite brand’s entrepreneurs and know their experience and journey.

  • Peer Validation Meet Up

    14th August 2022

    At the end of the sessions, it's time for the participants to corroborate their ideas and take them further. An offline meet where all the participants link up and talk through a medley of ideas that the teams pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a startup idea to participate in IdeaStorm?

You don’t need any idea! The workshops at IdeaStorm are to help you have an idea of your own.

Is there any shortlisting for participation?

There is no shortlisting before and during the event.

Is it an individual or a group event?

Students can participate individually or in a group.

What to do to participate in IdeaStorm?

It is open to all the students of IITM. Simply fill the registration form by clicking here.

How does one get preincubated in Nirmaan through IdeaStorm?

The participants will have to submit the onboarding application of Nirmaan, which will be made after an exhaustive 4-weeks of knowledge transfer and helping exercises.

How does Peer Validation work?

At the end of the program, we will have an offline session wherein participants will have to pitch their ideas to all the other participants, and therein they can look for feedback, suggestions, and team members too!

But why should I sit in peer validation?

This activity, we believe, will be helpful to you in finding co-founders for your startup idea and build your founding team.

What are you waiting for?!

Registrations closed

For queries, contact:

+91 81795 84333 (Ananya)
+91 88303 38510 (Pratik)