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A platform where startups can find quality interns from amongst the IITM students

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Intending to construct a bridge between students and startups that need interns, E-Cell IIT Madras orchestrates the Startup InternFair. We offer students the opportunity to get enhanced exposure and working experience in the startup world. Through the Startup InternFair program, students can apply in 10+ sectors and secure internships in a wide range of profiles. It is a great opportunity and dream destination for startups to hire interns from the top-ranked engineering institution who are willing to make a difference.

Students can view the startup internship profiles and then apply for the profiles of their interest, followed by the hiring process which may include tests, tasks, group discussions, and interviews.

Startups can review the resumes submitted by the students who applied for their profile(s) and then shortlist the applicants for the further rounds of their onboarding procedure.


How many startup profiles can you apply for?

A student can apply for a maximum of 10 profiles.

Students from what years and branches can apply for InternFair?

B.Tech: 2020, 2021
Dual Degree / IDDD: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Do we need to pay some fee?

One has to pay a registration fee of RS.299.

Do we need to pay Rs.299 only to apply and for a maximum of 10 profiles? Or is it Rs.299 per profile?

You only need to pay Rs.299 once and then you can apply to a maximum of 10 profiles.

Can we apply to a maximum of 10 startups or 10 profiles? And what exactly do you mean by profile.

You can apply to a maximum of 10 profiles. Your account will be blocked in case you apply for more than 10 profiles. A profile refers to a particular role offered by a startup. For example, the role of a Consultant offered by a startup ‘ABC’ and the role of a Graphic Designer offered by the same startup is considered to be 2 different profiles. Suppose you want to apply for a tech profile then you can apply for a maximum of 10 tech profiles.

For queries, contact:

+91 99976 77804 (Akshat)
+91 84540 71353 (Shashank)