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Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Madras believes that entrepreneurship is not just about starting companies, but a pathway towards India’s socio-economic development. Our vision is to make students and faculty ‘entrepreneurial’ in every work that they do. We hope to enable them to solve global challenges as we see students as the greatest capital and intend to nurture them, provide them with opportunities for excellence.

The E-Cell | IIT Madras

Established in the year 1959, Indian Institute of Technology Madras is today one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research.

Harbouring a population of over 10,000 people including students, faculty and general staff, it is reputed internationally for its quality of teaching and outstanding calibre of the students from its graduate and post graduate programs.Not only is the Institute pioneering with blossoming innovations and cutting-edge technology, but also the swarm of ventures and the impact that it has created and will be creating in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole.

Within its lush green premises, the Entrepreneurship Cell was set up in the year 1998, with its former name being Centre for Technological Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Support (C-TIDES).

Over the years, Entrepreneurship Cell is known to have nurture some of the best startups in the entrepreneurship arena like Detect Technologies (Forbes 30 Under 30 – Asia), Hyperverge and many more among others and had privilege to work under the leaders like Mr. Tarun Mehta (Co-Founder, Ather Energy) being the Head of the organization during his Institute Days and are.


We strive continuously towards nurturing individuals with creative minds and ideas with potential for substantial business opportunities. We seek to enable smooth and efficient interaction between its principal components spanning students, faculty, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists, thus consolidating the entire pipeline of entrepreneurship ecosystem and serving our vision to Empower Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras.


We, at The Entrepreneurship Cell, are missioned with a common goal to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among young minds and become a pathway towards India’s socio-economic development, for India to emerge as the supernation in the coming years. In its glorious 20 years of existence, E-Cell has now created its unique brand value on a pan-India scale with a plethora of initiatives taken up and event conducted along the line of our vision to empower entrepreneurship.

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What we do?

Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Madras makes the entrepreneurial world accessible to all group of people part of the IIT Madras ecosystem, cater the audience from startup enthusiast to hardcore entrepreneurs, with plethora of yearlong events like Conclaves, Keynotes, Industry-defined Problems, B-Planning Competitions and Workshops, through both personal and collaboration-based approach

Some of our satellite activities includes Startup Series Sessions, and our annual entrepreneurship fest, E-Summit - largest in the region and from this year is going to be the first student-run ISO Certified Entrepreneurship Event. E-Summit is now revamped to make it more focused and helpful for all the stakeholders, thus making our initiatives and support system accessible to not only our campus, but the community outside as well, through several dedicated programmes like Campus Director Programme and Entrepreneurship Cell Development Drive. We have now even started and are now the first in the domain to promote entrepreneurship and nurture entrepreneurial mindset in school student through initiatives like Education-21 (E-21).

Recent Events

Entrepreneurship Cell Development Drive 2.0 | 2019

This initiative started off in the year 2017 with the mission to set-up Entrepreneurship Support System across some of the colleges in country to start their journey in entrepreneurship through a structured provision of resources.


Year Long Events

Entrepreneurship Cell Development Drive

This initiative started off in the year 2017 with the mission to set-up Entrepreneurship Support System across some of the colleges in country to start their journey in entrepreneurship through a structured provision of resources. EDD has now set-up its own brand by creating a large impact on more than 40,000 students studying in those colleges. This year, the plan is to expand the boundaries even more with involvement of not only Tier-2 and Tier-3 colleges, but also some of the new Tier-1 colleges like IIT Palakkad and IIT Tirupati


Every year, team takes up one of the pressing issues of the current society and tries bringing awareness on them through various social experiments, polling-based activities etc. Taking the legacy forward with last year’s success of Education-21 , this year, we have formulated a campaign “D-Well” aiming towards creating awareness to make use of Digital technology for Human Well- being. One of the objectives of this campaign is to make our target audience aware of how digital platforms can be used to enhance our lives.

Startup InternFair

One of the largest and most comprehensive career event, aimed at bridging the gap between the available talent (institute students) and its demand in startups. Over the years, InternFair has over 200+ startups participated and over 1600+ applicants and is a host to around 200+ vacant internship positions at startups.

Startup Series

Initiated in the year 2017, this third edition of Startup Series promises to be full of knowledge and customized mentoring with a complete series of year-long workshops, talks, mentoring sessions and well-structured plans in order to nurture bunch of ideas selected through a comprehensive process by distinguished personalities in order to make students aware about the entrepreneurial journey and its associated challenges.

E-Summit 2020

17th -19th January 2020

Play The Odds!

Every year, Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras plays host to E-Summit which looks at innovation and entrepreneurship as a process driven by a gamut of disciplines with prime focus towards the new engineering challenges, and plethora of market opportunities lying alongside them.

This year’s convention will showcase case studies by eminent experts from government, industry and academia as well as various successful startups operating and bringing change to the mankind. With the upcoming E-Summit 2020 themed around ‘Triumph Trails!’, the idea is to bring forth the newest additions in E-Summit, thus re-modelling the previous structure to the 4-Summit model including Youth Summit, Innovator’s Summit, Startup Summit, and TechnoEntrepreneurship Summit along with the Social Campaign planned for the year, D-Well - Digital Well-Being. Each summit is planned to serve a specific set of audience in a well-defined and customized way, thus giving them an even more enriching experience and knowledge set.

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Crowd Pulling Events

Startup Walk

Start-up Walk focuses on inculcating business acumen while assisting students in exploring start-up ecosystems across the city and aids in their effort to launch successful business ventures by involving students in interaction with Startup Founders, who are presently working as CEOs or CTOs.


The program aims upon inculcating the entrepreneurial knowledge and spreading awareness about the resources for pursuing entrepreneurship, which lies within the reach of E-Cell. This will involve hand-holding of each mentee associated with the program through peer to peer mentoring

Getting to know Institute Founders

A series of engaging talks and interactive sessions where current IIT Madras students or recent alumni founders share their practical knowledge and experiences to demystify and simplify the process of starting up while in college! Heed to the key concepts of matchless product building, right growth and marketing strategy.

Idea Validation Meetup

A comprehensive platform to get any of the ideas, not being unheard and get them validated by experts, who have years of experience in solving such problems. The meetup does not only serve to identify whether it is “just another cool idea”, but also a place to make fast, economic informed and de-risked decisions to speed up the delivery of a value-creating service in the market



Startup Walks

Grand Challenges

Startup Series

Idea Validation Meetup



Campus Director Program

Entrepreneurship Cell Development Drive


Campus Ambassador Program


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