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Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Madras believes that entrepreneurship is not just about starting companies, but a pathway towards India’s socio-economic development .
Our vision is to make students and faculty ‘entrepreneurial’ in every work that they do. We hope to enable them to solve global challenges as we see students as the greatest capital and intend to nurture them, provide them with opportunities for excellence.

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To Empower Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras.


To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among young minds.

What We Do?

We make the entrepreneurial world accessible to all group of people part of the IIT Madras ecosystem, cater the audience from startup enthusiast to hardcore entrepreneurs, with plethora of yearlong events and workshops through both personal and collaboration-based approach.

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The wait is finally over... the 6th edition of Entrepreneurship Insider is here!

This year’s E-Insider goes through the ebbs and lows of entrepreneurs who took the world by storm. From short-lived bubbles of social media and crypto to the incredible growth of one airline when no one expected it, this year’s E-Insider is expansive, ambitious, and incredibly gorgeous, with passionate voices and not a little sleepless animosity

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Disruption in Veins

Every year, we play host to our flagship event, E-Summit .
E-Summit 2022, themed around Disruption in Veins , is a 4-Conclave model including Youth Conclave , Innovators’ Conclave , Startup Conclave , and Sustainability Conclave along with the social campaign Suspire.

E-Summit 2022

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