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Innovation Sparks Learning.

What is E-21?

Our world is changing rapidly and we are voyaging steadily towards a generation equipped with more technical knowledge and advancement. The future belongs to the innovators and leaders.

E-21 ingrains 21st-century skills and activates students’ entrepreneurial mindset while they learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and create and pitch original business plans.

Our Vision

Young students have the inevitable power of boundless imagination. Encouraging them to question and not to be afraid to take risks is one of the many factors that India needs to establish a healthy startup ecosystem.

E-21 envisions building a strong foundation of innovation, entrepreneurship, and 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, etc among young minds of the nation.

Why participate?

Prizes worth 50k

Mentoring opportunities

Opportunity to develop
21st-century skills

Meet entrepreneurs during E-Summit 2021

Learn entrepreneurship from the experts

Enhance practical learning with access to ScholAR's platform

Scholarlab.in is an immersive and interactive platform built to significantly aid the learning process of High Schoolers and to engender digital transformation in education. The first 50 registrants for E-21 get access to the ScholAR platform for a duration of two months, priced at INR.1000 and the winners of the olympiad will get annual access to the platform worth INR. 4000 along with other exclusive benefits.

How to participate?

Round 1

Register here for National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NIEO).

Download Brochure

Round 2

Shortlisted students will get to participate in E-21 Webinars and Masterclasses covering Basics of Entrepreneurship


Finalists will be presenting their start-up pitch decks at E-Summit 2021 in front of a panel of judges.


  • National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NIEO)

    17 Jan 2021

    E-Cell IIT Madras’s NIEO is a nationwide competitive event aimed to discover the entrepreneur hidden inside you. NIEO will test your Entrepreneurial personality right from the basics of Entrepreneurship to the critical leadership skills and decision-making tactics required to lead! Selected Peeps will get to participate in the Much-awaited IIT Madras E-21 event.

  • Results and Announcement of Selected Teams

    23 Jan 2021
  • Webinar: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

    31 Jan 2021

    The workshop will help build up a problem-solving attitude among students. The session will primarily focus on Innovation, Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Problem-Solving skills. This will be followed by an activity to identify problems that participants and the people around them are facing and the solution they propose to overcome those problems.

  • Masterclass: Customers and Business Model Masterclass

    7 Feb 2021

    The workshop will help students recognize the importance of understanding customers and market needs in entrepreneurship.They will learn the different aspects of delivering value to the customer and further be guided to make a value proposition for their selected customer segments. They will get to know the various kinds of business models and select the one appropriate for them. The selected students will be guided to make a business model based on their value proposition. Best submissions from this round will qualify for the finale which will be held during E-Summit 2021.

  • E-Summit 2021

    To be announced!


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Do we have to register as a team?

You may register individually as well, though we recommend you to register in a team. A team can have minimum 1 and maximum 4 members.

Can teams be formed among students from different schools?

Yes. Cross School teams are allowed.

Do team members have to be from the same class?

All team members need not be from the same class, but they have to be from the same category. Students from class 6th to 8th fall under Junior Category whereas those from 9th to 12th fall under Senior Category.

If we participate in teams, is it mandatory that all of us have to qualify in the olympiad stage to participate in next rounds?

All the team members can appear for NIEO. The best score from a team will be considered for shortlisting to the next round. Further rounds expect active participation of all team members.

How many members can be there in a team?

A team can have minimum 1 and maximum 4 members, all from the same category (Junior/Senior).

Is there any registration fee?


For queries, contact:


+91 7721836932 Atish Gaykar
+91 8239754801 Gaurav Jhawar
+91 9173008814 Khushi Jaiswal