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What is E-21?

When we're young, the world is a brighter place full of endless opportunities and mysteries waiting to be discovered. We're naturally curious, always asking questions. E-21 is here to nurture that curiosity in students like you. It's a step towards your future to help you understand the incredible potential of having an entrepreneurial mindset, something that will help you succeed in today's fast-changing 21st-century world. Think of E-21 as your key to unlocking your limitless potential!


To empower the next generation with an entrepreneurial mindset, cultivating innovation, adaptability, and resilience for a future filled with opportunities


To provide students with the knowledge, skills, to foster curiosity, creativity, and the ability to turn ideas into action, equipping students to not only navigate change but also drive it through educational resources, mentorship, and a supportive community.

Why participate?

Prize money and Prototyping fund of INR 1 Lakh+

Mentoring and upskilling from industry experts and students from IITM

Merchandise like T-shirts and other goodies

Exclusive one-on-one interaction opportunity with young and established startup founders

Fun and interactive workshops

Prestigious opportunity to present their prototype in front of various stakeholders in IITM

Who can participate?

All students from classes 6th to 12th can participate in the event. E21 will be conducted in two tracks:
Track-1: 6th-8th grade
Track-2: 9th-12th grade
All students are invited to register and participate.


Phase 1: National Innovation Entrepreneurship Olympiad

A nationwide olympiad meant to initiate the student's journey into the entrepreneurial world. This olympiad will help shortlisting students for the next phase.

Phase 2: Ideation Express

Educational and interactive sessions for all the selected students to develop a greater grasp about entrepreneurship and to better understand the beginning of the journey.
During this phase, the teams are supposed to submit ideas that they will work upon if selected for the next phase. The submissions will be open for the entire duration of Phase 2.

Phase 3: MarketMinds Forum

In-depth market research sessions, including user research, Industry Analysis, and competitor analysis. Expert-guided exploration of market dynamics to validate and refine ideas.

Phase 4: Build zone

Personal mentoring sessions as well as proper guidance for the selected teams to help make their ideas a reality. This phase will allow the selected teams to develop their ideas into final products through proper guidance.

Phase 5: Product Showcase

The finale of E21 involves various stakeholders as well as startup founders as students present their final product to them. A perfect opportunity for students to display their entrepreneurial skills on a larger level. All teams will be trained such that they are able to present their product as well as the ideation behind it through a detailed pitch-deck.

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Do we have to register as a team?

Yes. The event will be conducted in teams of 2-4 students. For the olympiad, team's total score is the average score of all team members.

Can teams be formed among students from different schools?

Yes. Cross School teams are allowed.

Should all the team members be from the same class?

No, the members can be from different standards.

How many members can be there in a team?

A team can have minimum 2 and maximum 4 members, all from the same category.

Is there any registration fee?

No, there is no kind of registration fees in any round of E-21.

How many teams will be selected for Phase 2/ Phase 3?

The number of selections will be based on the number of participants for Phase 1 and the quality of submissions for Phase 2.

Will the event be conducted online or offline?

NIEO as well as the workshops and mentoring sessions will be conducted in online mode. However, the finale of E21 will be conducted offline in IIT Madras campus.

Will the event or any of its sessions clash with school/ board exams?

No. All sessions have been planned keeping in mind the dates for school exams. All efforts will be made to keep the dates convenient for the students.

For queries, contact:


+91 9850951046 Pranjal
+91 9923401048 Saiprasad