United Nations designated June 5 as World Environment Day. It is a day to encourage and provide awareness to the people worldwide to protect nature. The theme for 2020 is Celebrate Biodiversity.


Why “Celebrate Biodiversity”?

The term “Celebrate Biodiversity” provides us an insight that nature has its way to revive and celebrate. Let me give you some instances that happened recently during the pandemic COVID-19, thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles came to the beaches of Odisha. They hatched eggs when humans are in quarantine.


We spotted Indian Bison in Chikmagalur market; long-horned sambhar deer was wandering in Chandigarh market and school of dolphins found at Mumbai’s marine. In many cities, pollution levels have come down, water bodies such as Ganga are cleaner than before; all these indicate that nature is celebrating its revival during the quarantine.

What is Bio-diversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of all life on earth. More diversity leads to more security of all life, including ourselves.

Our planet is under attack:

Our planet provides all the things we need for free, but it offers if it has lots of it, but our planet is under attack. In the last decades, we snuffed out habitats, reduced populations of wild animals by 60%, and even driven whole species extinct.

How bio-diversity get destroyed?

We are setting up new factories to provide employment. To ensure food security to billions of people, we are using pesticides and chemicals in the food industry. We are mining coal to produce electricity and many more to satisfy our needs and greed. Still, all these practices lead to various types of pollution. All these practices will ultimately lead to a loss in Bio-Diversity.

On the one hand, we need essential things that are a must for our daily needs, but on the other hand, we need to conserve nature. We must strike a balance between both by switching to sustainable technologies and using resources judiciously. This balance must lead to the conservation of biodiversity.

Consequences due to loss of Bio-Diversity or nature:

The loss of natural areas has aggravated climate change. These aggravated climate change led to severe droughts, bushfires, and floods. Over 1 billion animals have died in Australia due to bush fires.


“Koala” is on the verge of extinction due to bush fires in Australia.

Lack of diversity made crops more vulnerable to pests and diseases. We are now experiencing consequences like cyclone “Amphan”, locusts attack, and Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s our role?

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

by Albert Einstein

As nature cares for us, we have to care for nature. As young entrepreneurs, we must invent and promote disruptive sustainable technologies that can fulfil our needs, and on the other hand, it can protect biodiversity.

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